Table of contents 目录

  1. Welcome 欢迎
  2. Contact 联系
  3. A note on my name 我的英文名
  4. Tata 塔塔

Welcome 欢迎

Hi! My name is Shangdian Han. I go by King. I’m studying math and CS at the University of California, Berkeley. In my free time, I like thinking about education and politics (in particular, anything related to China).


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Contact 联系

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A note on my name 我的英文名

My real given name is 尚典 (shàng diǎn). However, my mom also gave me another name 金 (jīn), which is pronounced as “kim” in Korean. The most natural choice for my English name would be Jin or Kim, but my mom liked neither and thought: How cool would it be if I name my son King? And that’s how I got my name.


Tata 塔塔

I’m the chief poop-scooping officer for a cat named Tata. Here are some pictures of her:


Tata1 Tata2